We can send routine labs to a few different places.  We send routine labs to Quest/Cleveland Heart Labs or Labcorp.  Your insurance carrier may have a preference as to which of these we use for you to get “In Network” coverage.  If you are concerned about your coverage, we recommend you call your insurer (we can provide the codes you will need) to discuss your coverage with them.  We try to keep up with those requirements but it is your responsibility to inform us of your lab preference, every time we draw your blood, if you have one.

Quest/Cleveland and Labcorp each have unique relationships with your insurance and manage their own billing and collections.  We provide the best guidance, according to your situation and our experience, as to what labs you need and what we anticipate your insurance will cover.  We cannot know the exact coverage policies of every insurer so cannot “know” what your lab fee will be.   If you are concerned about your coverage, we recommend you call your insurer (we can provide codes you will need) to discuss coverage with them.  If you get a bill from a lab and have questions, we can try to help you but we recommend you first call the lab directly and review the bill with them.

If you do not have insurance coverage for labs or have a high deductible, we can bill your labs through our office account which generally has considerably lower rates than you will be given.  In that case we do our best to let you know the prices we are billed, but those do sometimes change without notice.  When we get an invoice from the lab, we pass that charge along to you with no mark up.

There are many specialty labs (Genova Diagnostics, Boston Heart Labs, Igenex and others) that we also work with when the need arises.  We try to explain those costs clearly when the tests are ordered.  Most of those labs do not file insurance and require payment at the time the test is run.

Membership Payments

These are handled by our office staff.  We use a program called Paysimple to process these payments which are to our sister company,  Marion Owen MD, LLC.  We do not store your credit card information onsite, only in the PaySimple platform.  We cannot access that card information to process non-membership related payments.  One of us will reach out to you if we are having trouble processing your membership payments.  Failure to pay for 3 months is seen as a request to terminate your relationship with us and no refills or appointments will be made after that time until your balance is cleared.

Office visits

Unlike most private physician practices, we have a model that allows you to take full advantage of your insurance. This allows us to keep our memberships payments lower than those practices which often run over $400/month and limit access.

All visits to our office are billed to your insurance except the yearly post-physical visit with Dr Owen to review your results and get a plan for the year.   We do bill your insurance for your physical but apply payments from your membership to cover costs of our services if you have any.  All labs for your physical are billed to your insurance and are your responsibility.  Once your insurance pays, we will bill you any balance they say you are owed (with the physical billig exception above) and you are responsible for that cost.

We use an outside company, Devington Technology, to handle our insurance billing.  If you have questions related to a bill for in office services, you need to call them at 212-967-0601 ext 218.  If that does not resolve your concerns, please contact us at 404-377-9010 ext 1.