Marion Owen, M.D.

Marion Owen is a resident of Decatur, where she lives with her husband and two children. A graduate of Davidson College, she received her MD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine in 1999. She continued her training at the Emory Family Medicine Residency Program, graduating in 2003. She is board certified in Family Medicine. Between graduating from Emory and opening Whole Family Medicine, she worked as a Family Medicine doctor in Alpharetta, GA.

In addition to her training in traditional medical therapies, Dr. Owen has focused her education on nutritional and genetic causes of disease and holistic approaches to healthcare through the Institute for Functional Medicine. She emphasizes lifestyle and nutritional therapies and collaborates with both MD specialists and alternative providers to guide her patients to optimum health. Dr. Owen appreciates close relationships with her patients, educating and empowering them to participate actively in their medical treatment decisions.

Dr Owen is a certified practitioner of The Institute of Functional Medicine.

Susan Castle, NP-C

Susan is the Nurse Practitioner at Whole Family Medicine. She performs adult and child physicals. She sees patients for urgent sick visits. But she has also had extensive training at the Institute for Functional Medicine with a special emphasis on hormone health, lifestyle changes, weight loss, and special dietary management for chronic illness. Whether she is seeing  you for a “quick sick” visit or to do a deep dive into how your nutritional patterns are impacting you health, she is informed by the Functional Medicine approach.  She is always mindful that what we do about your cold symptoms may affect you gut and is careful to weight those risks and discuss the treatment options for each with you, to help you make the best decision for yourself.  She is familiar with all the issues that Dr. Owen manages and is involved integrally in developing practice protocols.  Susan graduated from Emory University with a BSN and MSN. She subsequently became certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner and has been with Whole family medicine as a valued member of the care team since 2010.

Anita Hunter, Certified Medical Assistant

Anita Hunter, a Certified Medical Assistant, has been with Whole Family Medicine for 3 years. She does it all: makes appointments; answers emails and messages refills prescriptions; takes your vitals; obtains EKGs, pulmonary tests and other diagnostic procedures; draws your blood; and provides immunizations and injections. Anita battles with your insurance company for your pre-certifications and prior authorizations, and she calls the labs with your billing questions. She was born in Atlanta and has been a medical assistant for 17 years.

Tamika Howard, Certified Phlebotomist

Tamika Howard is a certified phlebotomist and our front desk receptionist. She schedules appointments, collects payments, answers calls and emails, and goes above and beyond for patients when they need help. She is the first friendly voice patients hear on the phone and the smiling face that greets them in the office. Tamika has become a great asset to the practice. She has a passion for helping people and making them feel comfortable. She moved to Georgia from Battle Creek, Michigan in 2002 with her 3 children and is a current resident of Lithonia. Tamika joined Whole Family Medicine in December of 2020. “It took me a long time to find my happy place, and I have finally found it here with Whole Family Medicine.”


trusting relationship

I appreciate the access to and responsiveness of Marion, along with her coordination of care with other providers.  I also very much value the building of a trusting relationship with my kids.  I think Marion is great!

– Shanna J

she has always given me support

Just knowing I have Dr. Owen in my court is reassuring.  She has always given me the support I need.  WE both know that optimization of all aspects of the human experience–physical, spiritual and mental, are key to living the good life.

Fortunately, since lifestyle habits are utmost in my mind as the most importand means to maintain optimal health, as they are with Dr. O, I have not had much need to “see” her beyond my annual physical.  I do know that when I have needed more than that consultation, I have been in good hands, whether it be from a natural supplement or, if needed, a pharmaceutical standpoint.

– Alice G

unique in the market

I have found your practice to be unique in this market.  Dr. Owen’s approach to assessing and administering medical care is unlike the traditional “bandaid” approach in most practices.  Having the ability to get medical support as needed is also extremely valuable.

– Diane C

I feel cared for . . .

I feel cared for and that they care about me!  That is a rare but important quality for a doctor/doctor’s office.

– Jill F

She always goes the ‘extra mile’

I am grateful for the wonderful care my family receives from Dr. Owen.  She always goes the ‘extra mile’ – she makes all of us feel as if we are her only patient.  The time and care and compassion she extends to us is phenomenal.

– Connie Z

Love that my whole family is connected. . .

Love that my whole family is connected and can get your help at a moment’s notice.  Also like understanding of our personal health and coordination of care. Love you all.

– Terri L


Dr. Owen is proactive with her patients, listens carefully to them to assist us in making the best decisions to promote health and using medical interventions only when preventive measure have not proved effective.

– Ruth M

A trusted and quick medical opinion

At the pace of todays lifestyle for most of us, it is important to have quick access to a medical opinion that you trust.  In Dr. Owen I feel secure in requesting medical opinions from someone who knows my medical histor, truely cares about me as a patient, and will respond quickly to the small concerns before they become larger concerns.  Most of us would put off seeking care for small concerns because of the time it takes to get this opinion.   The concierge medical model allows me to feel comfortable making a phone call or sending a digital message to address concerns without that large investment of time.  Then if deemed necessary further testing can follow.  I highly recommend While Family Medicine as a practice placing as much emphasis on preventative care as on treating symptoms.  This should be the future direction of medical care.

– Robert H

Quick responses

I have been very pleased with Dr. Owen and Susan’s quick responses to my emails and calls.  In addition to anytime access, the coordination of care and advanced diagnostic testing are equally important to me.

We love her!!!

We love Dr. Owen so much.  THank you for being so wonderful!

– Lee N

I love this practice

I love this practice.  Smart, kind and compassionate.

– Brenda S

She has always given me support

Just knowing I have Dr. Owen in my court is reassuring.  She has always given me the support I need.  WE both know that optimization of all aspects of the human experience–physical, spiritual and mental, are key to living the good life.

Fortunately, since lifestyle habits are utmost in my mind as the most importand means to maintain optimal health, as they are with Dr. O, I have not had much need to “see” her beyond my annual physical.  I do know that when I have needed more than that consultation, I have been in good hands, whether it be from a natural supplement or, if needed, a pharmaceutical standpoint.

– Alice G

Personalized, Unhurried, Compassionate Care

I’m very grateful to have found a doctor who has chosen to practice medicine in a way that promotes optimal health. An office visit with Dr. Owen is at least 30 minutes, and this amount of time makes it possible for her to do the kind of detective work necessary to solve complex health problems. Her keen intelligence, curiosity, and eagerness to research and innovate on behalf of her patients achieve results. Her focus on the whole person, as well as her genuine interest and compassion, add immeasurably to her effectiveness as a physician. The origin of the word “doctor” comes from the Latin word “to teach.” Dr. Owen excels at this as well, and the more I learn, the better able I am to manage my health.

There are many other benefits to having Dr. Owen as my physician. It seems to me that a visit to a doctor should make you feel better, not worse. I find that other medical facilities cause significant distress—the robotic routines, the sterile waiting rooms, the relentless adherence to rules and regulations – all these leave me feeling stressed and helpless. And of course, there is always the anxiety of having to condense complicated problems into the five minutes available for the consult.

In contrast, going to Dr. Owen’s office makes me feel better every time. Her genuine interest and compassion, and her love for this work, permeate everything. The staff is kind, responsive, interested, and helpful. The office décor is comforting and beautiful. All these things promote healing.

I have found help for everything from complex, chronic conditions to more simple needs like a second-degree burn. Susan, the nurse practitioner, took such good care of me when I had the latter problem. Her superior medical skills are matched by her gentleness and kindness. Like Dr. Owen, she always takes the time to answer my questions and address my concerns completely.

Real healing takes place in the context of a relationship. It’s rare for a doctor to practice in such a way that there is time to know and understand the patient’s personal and family history. This is the way medicine should be practiced – personalized, unhurried, compassionate.

– Michele R.

Takes ME Into Account, Not Just My Symptoms

Let me start out by saying I don’t go to the doctor much; in fact, avoid them when I can. That’s because most doctors are all about prescribing medicine, doing surgery, or some other intervention. I believe the body has its own ability to heal and that sometimes it needs a pointer in the right direction or maybe a nudge, and certainly a closer look at how it’s functioning in order to troubleshoot an issue or imbalance. That’s what I know I will get at Whole Family Medicine.

In the years I’ve been seeing Dr. Owen, Susan Castle, and the crew at Whole Family, I’ve had a handful of issues where stress pushed my body’s systems over the edge. This required a holistic approach, not just a pill. It is this whole-person management I respect in a doctor and a clinic – a system that takes me into account, not just my symptoms. It’s what’s missing in health care and many other areas of our culture.

My kids see Dr. Owen for her knowledge, holistic approach, and her accessibility. That’s probably the best thing about Whole Family. They are kind of like our family, even though we don’t see them often. All the staff has been absolutely there when we needed them, especially last-minute school and medical paperwork. My oldest daughter, now 21, has her own personal relationship with Dr. Owen, now an honorary member of the village of Mae. As a mom, that makes me so happy.

– Terri L.

lifelong proactive medical care

Dr. Owen is that rare doctor who truly cares about her patients as individuals. With patience, she has promptly answered numerous questions both by phone, by email, and in person. Because of her knowledge, she has been able to prescribe medicines and supplements appropriate for my specific issues taking into account my body’s specific level of tolerance. Susan Castle, the Nurse Practitioner within the practice, is equally compassionate, competent, and thorough.

From the time I walk in the door in the waiting room (stocked with current, enjoyable magazines to read), until the time I leave, I feel treated with dignity and respect. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice to anyone wanting lifelong proactive medical “care.” Thank you Whole Family Medicine for helping me!

– Terry W.

Dr. Owen Is a True Gift

Thank you so much for all you have done to help me. I could tell from my first visit with you that you truly wanted to help me, really heard my concerns, and went straight for the root of the problem rather than prescriptions to mask the symptoms … it is such a relief to be back to my true self again. I feel like I have my life back! I cannot thank you and Dr. C enough. You are a true gift.

– Anonymous

My Care is Handled Thoughtfully

I really enjoy the access to the Patient Portal. I love Susan and the front desk as well. All around I feel like my care is handled thoughtfully and compassionately, and feel extremely lucky to be associated with Dr. Owen and her practice.

– Anonymous

immediately felt at ease

I am a fairly new patient and immediately felt at ease with Dr. Owen, Susan, and all staff members. Dr. Owen (and Susan) seemed to have a clear understanding of my health history and made recommendations based on it.

– Anonymous